A Brief History of Stevedore Productions
Stevedore Productions was founded in 1997 by Michele Remsen, when she wrote and directed the first Stevedore production: 
Two in the Morning, 35-mm short film, starring Selma Blair and Peter Frechette.

In 1999, Michele and Emmy-winner Craig Carlisle pooled their talented friends and the STEVEDORE CONFEDERACY was born as a sandbox for fellow New York writers, actors and directors to hone the craft and have fun between L.A. gigs.  Weapon of choice: the original short-American play.  

MY BITTER VALENTINE: Love and Other Public Humiliations launched a "theater party" format of original short plays that proved an instant hit.  
Successive Bitter Valentines and other thematic evenings soon followed -- exploring the gamut of human frailties, in styles ranging from dark comedy 
to urbane to farcical to musical:  My Bitter Valentine (II, III, IV), Unclean Hands, The Angry and The Lame, Autumn in LA, Misanthropic Delight, Kittens & Flowers, The Other Shoe.  

Stevedore Confederacy artists include: Kenneth Lonergan, Rainn Wilson, Liz Tuccillo, Kate Walsh, Noah Emmerich, Liz Benjamin, Glenn Kessler, 
Sam Caitlin, Melissa Fitzgerald and the late Bruno Kirby.  

Stevedore productions sparked interest across the L.A. industry, generating SPAWN of STEVEDORE shows invited to HBO-Warner Bros Workspace for development consideration, written by artists: Michele Remsen, Craig Carlisle, Liz Tuccillo, Kathleen Dennehy, Sam Catlin and Elizabeth Warner. 

Warner's Wandering Eye and Carlisle's Bob Funk in Therapy were chosen for HBO ASPEN COMEDY FESTIVAL. 
Catlin's This Might Hurt and Remsen's The Good Life were invited to PSNBC in New York.

Full-length plays: Bob Funk (Craig Carlisle), Spine (Jessie McCormack), Cheyenne: A Transwestern (Liz Tuccillo) which garnered Ovation nominations and rave reviews. In 2003, The Other Shoe became the first co-production at Frank Gehry-designed Edgemar Center for the Arts.

Short Films: Michele Remsen's 3-minute Twas, produced by Red Navel Filmworx, and her award-winning JUKE, based on her play
produced by the Confederacy (sound design & mixing by Oscar-winners for Martin Scorsese's HUGO :  Eugene Gearty and Tom Fleischman

Feature film: TOSS IT, The Anti-Romantic-Comedy (available worldwide VOD) 2019.